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About Us

John’s Little Gadget Store is your online business that aims to provide you with the latest and most useful devices for all your mobile (phone/ tablet/ etc) accessories and electronic needs.

The company commenced in 2008 with the aim to provide each of our customers quality service in a friendly and honest way.

We wanted to help not only our small inexperienced buyers but we also wanted to provide the high quality standards and the available quantities to meet the needs of our experienced/professional customers.

We know that time and service are valuable to all of our clients, so John’s Little Gadget Store provides prompt service and delivery on over 1000 different items.

We are a fully owned and operated genuine Australian business and all calls are received and responded to by caring efficient Australians.

We have a comprehensive data base and you can view what you need on our catalogue page.

We cater for Your Special Requests and/or Special Orders:- "click" onto our "Special Orders" page.

We are confident you will find that our service and delivery is second to none.